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Online Customization and ordering of NFC tags
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Welcome to the most cutting edge service bureau ordering site for NFC tag applications!
Fineline technologies works with retailers all over the world and utilizes cutting edge technology to deliver solutions to businesses as well as consumers. NFC tags are fun and there are so many different ways of using these chips in every day lives. NFC technology can make your life easier, more secure and feature rich. In a world with so much data, it gets you to the data easier and more quickly without having to type it, speak it or ask for it.

You do not need any special phone software to use any of these tags. All of the newest NFC phones hitting the market support all the NDEF record types we are offering. If you have advanced NFC needs such as encryption, larger memory capacity, custom protocols, printed front, etc, which are not currently offered on this website, then contact us and tell us what you need and we can fulfill it separately.
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