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How It Works

Hold your phone within an inch of the chip and it will energize the chip and read the information off of it.

Everyday Uses for NFC Technology

"I have this cool, new NFC smart phone - now what can I do with it"? Well, there are endless possiblities. NFC stands for Near Field Communications and is meant to allow radio transmitting and receiving within approximately 4 inches of other NFC devices. Of course, you may already know it is being used for Google Wallet and other payment schemes, but let us present some additional ways NFC technology may be useful for you! With the use of small, cheap, NFC chips, these chips can do things for you when scanned with nearly any NFC enabled smart phone.

Although we don't sell more sophisticated chips on our website, we have other chips that support crytptography and even more advanced features which can be ordered directly by calling us. Can't decide which chip to order or have a question on how to use a chip, give us a call we do our best to help you decide. The best part is you do not require any special app to download in order to use them!
  • Send an SMS (text) message.
    Scan an NFC chip and it can send an SMS message to anyone you like. You could stick a chip next to the door and ask little Bobby Tables to wave his phone over it everyday he comes home and it will send a message to mom or dad the whereabouts of his location. This could be put as well on a bus, school, daycare or any destination you would like. You will easily customize these settings during the checkout process.
  • Redirect to a URL (Send someone to a website)
    This is not just for sticking a chip to the back of a business card for information about a product or service. You can utilize these for all types of personal uses. You will easily customize these settings during the checkout process.
    1. Download a file: music, video, program, etc.
    2. On a grave marker - When a visitor scans the chip, it can take them to a memorial site to see videos and articles about your loved one.
    3. Place one on your home and if someone wants to know something about your family or reach your personal site, it will take them there.
    4. Promotional Item - Place on a poster and the user can link directly to a video, performance promo, special offer.
    5. Maybe you are hosting an art exhibit and want to provide information about the art without distracting from it with a lot of text and codes - well, just place a small NFC chip at the bottom corner of the art in which the user can obtain more information.
    6. Ask a user to register for a discount. It takes them to a registration page, provides them with a discount code which they can use at the checkout counter.
    7. Use it as a time clock - Assign a url to all new employees and require them to swipe the chip at their station at the beginning of day and end of day.
    8. You could be at a trade show selling the latest new products and you could place an NFC tag right next to the product which would take the user directly to your "but it now" page.
  • Navigation Assistance Tool
    Imagine you are participating in an event on the other side of town during a large conference. People need to locate you easily so just order an NFC chip (put it at an information kiosk) which opens the users navigation program and pinpoints your location for them and then they can get turn by turn directions to find you. You could use this type of chip to put secret places on a treasure/scavenger hunt so in order to reach the next location, they have to find and locate the next waypoint which cotnains an NFC chip with the next destination encoded on it. You will easily customize these settings during the checkout process.
  • Phone Call
    You could place one of these onto the inside of your car docking station and have it help place a call to a pre-determined number which could be useful for people who have long commutes and typically call home when starting their commute. You could use it to make it quick and easy for visitors to register for an event by calling a ticket booth with the simple wanding over of the nfc chip. You will specify the phone number you want it to call during the ordering process.
  • Show Text
    The possibilities are endless here. This is useful for coupons. You could use it to display secret information for visitors who scan it; use it to mark objects; put into books for tracking which could be the book's name, isbn, owner information, etc; as a security device at a daycare so that only people who have the text on the readout can pick up their child. You put passwords on it, put it into a hidden place somewhere and if you forget passwords, you know where you can go and hold your phone over the location and it would be invisible to someone who doesn't now it is there. You will tell us what to display, but keep it short, NFC chips are not meant to hold a ton of data. If you need something that holds a lot of text, we can use a different chip, jut contact us and we can place an order manually for you.