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ClikSecure© running on Samsung Nexus S
ClikSecure Samsung Nexus S

Stop Knock-offs Dead in Their Tracks!

Billions of dollars are invested each year to grow businesses, improve products, and bring new solutions through research and development. You provide high quality products which reflect the time and money spent to ensure consumers have the highest quality goods. The last thing you want is some knock-off product produced elsehwere which tarnishes your image and degrades the consumers confidence in your product line.

This is where NFC technology can help. NFC chips are relatively inexpensive. Chips can be encoded and placed into each product enabling authorized agents equipped with the CLIKSecure app on their phone to quickly and discreetly authenticate products at any point in the supply chain.


How does this work?
NFC chips all have unique ID's (UID). When we encode the chips for you, we read the UID, record it and store it along with its relationship to your products. The application a user launches will securely contact our cloud environment and pass the UID used by the potential knock-off brand. If the UID doesn't match against the known, and encoded UID's sent to the brand owner, then the user is informed of it being fake, or otherwise authentic. Nobody can change the UID of a chip once it leaves the chip manufacturer.

What products should I consider for this technology and service?
Any product which is critical to ensure its authenticity. We encode the NFC chips and send it to you and you apply them to the products you wish to protect. Chips come in various sizes. Don't worry about the technical details, we will work those out for you - it's what we do best.

Seems expensive and complicated?
This process is easy for us and we can simplify it for you. In some instances, the amount of integration with your company is little to none, depending on your specific needs. We already have the phone applications, so there are no lengthy and expensive programmers to dig into your financial budget. We have been providing retailer ticketing solutions for retailers all over the world. We understand the needs of retailers, brands, and are constantly exploring new technology. We are an industry leader in innovation and automation. Depending on your needs, chips can be purchased, encoded and delivered to you rather inexpensively. We are working with ClikSecure© to provide the authentication apps and cloud service to you.

How do I get started?
Give us a call and we will be happy to speak with you! This is the first step. Tell us what problems you are facing and our team will come up with a solution that fits your needs.