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NFC and You
NFC and You
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Choose what you want to happen (NDEF Record)

We will walk you through the chip ordering process, ask you the right questions, encode the chips and ship them to you ready to go. There is a minimum $50.00 per order.

SMS MessageSend SMS Message
Send a text message when the NFC chip is energized.
Specify the phone number and customize the message.
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Redirect to a URLRedirect to a URL
Take the user to a url of your choice. Most of these will start with "http://", but you can set the protool to anything of choice for advanced users!
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Text OnlyDisplay Text Only
This one allows you to get creative in its use. When a user engergizes the chip, it displays text to the user. Whatever you enter during the order process here will display to the user. This is useful for coupons.
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Phone CallPlace a Phone Call
Make it easy to contact someone or for people to contact you via phone. When this chip is activated, it places a call. It will attempt to dial the phone number you provide to us.
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Navigate to a Street AddressNavigate Users to a Street Address
Make it easy for users to find you. When a user energizes the chip, it will open up the mapping tool on their phone and go precisely to the location you provide to us. (Only U.S. addresses currently supported)
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Can't find what you are looking for?
We support a large variety of record types (NDEF). Whether you are attending a trade show and need to do simulations with NFC tags or perhaps you are implementing a security mechanism, information kiosk, etc and need ideas on how NFC can help, we have experts who can assist you in making these decisions and can help guide you in the right direction.

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  • Increased memory capacity
  • Security and Encryption
  • Specialized chip requirements
  • Different inlays
  • NFC tags with print needs